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HOW offers alternative healing, health products, services and more that just aren't found with "traditional" western medicine or in retail locations.

Reiki - Magnetic Pain Therapy - Red/IR Light Therapy - Chakra Healing Table - Therapeutic Embrace - Reiki Massage - Massage - Body Scrubs - Body Wraps

Services: Health and Wellness Coaching - Nutritional Recommendation - Health Risk Assessments

Products: Nutritional Supplements - Weight Management Products - Sports Nutrition - CBD Products
Essential Oils - Magnetic Pain Therapy Devices - Himilayan Salt Lamps and Spa Products - Incense
CBD Products - Healthy Energy Drinks - Air & Water Purification Systems - Healthy Cookware - & more

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While in the Air Force I had fallen off the back of a moving truck and hurt my back. About the same time a coworker joined Amway. That introduced me to the Nutrilite Supplement line which had, and still does have the absolute best organic, non GMO, and pharmaceutical grade supplements available anywhere. They also had the highest rated water purification system available too. These two things made me find my big interest in life and started me down a long path till now.

I started to study nutrition and over all general health and wellness info too. I started doing massage and looking into different therapy and exercises for my pack issues. I started to help my friends and family with what I learned and had never thought to try to make a living at it for years.

I started off slow by doing business as World O Wellness just to sell products and help folks. That name is now being used for a non profit. I also started taking martial arts after that and was learning about mind and body connection and the energies in our bodies.

When I stumbled upon a yoga studio in the neighborhood I was working in that was offering reiki attunements I not only knew it would fit in with my interest but really changed the focus of what I wanted to do. I became a reiki practitioner. I created a new name to work under, Holistic Organic Wellness and started actively looking for people to help professionally on the side.

Finally, I decided to focus primarily on pain while still offering all of the other healing and help I've done before. I wasn't completely with the name, so it got changed to Holistic Organic Wellbeing and created the acronym HOW for it. Now I refer to it simply as HOW Pain and Health for short but still use the full name too. I finally started to use the pain therapy neuromagnets that I'd been using for myself for years for clients. I bought a huge stash to use in treatments and to sell. I've now started adding additional treatments and therapies and new products as well.

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