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Quick Reiki Treatment Offers Relief for a Burned Hand

Posted by Holistic Organic Wellbeing Pain and Health Wellness Center on August 8, 2018 at 12:20 AM

A couple of years after becoming a reiki practitioner I was not pushing for my own wellness center yet and still had a job. I was working at Panera at the time of this incident.

A co-worker accidentally burned her hand on the Panini press. She ran off to the back and used the burn treatment supplies in the first aid kit. But it offered very little relief and she was in the back crying trying to relive the pain any way she could think of, including using an ice pack.

We were busy at the time so I was unable to go back right away to offer help for about 10 minutes. As soon as there was break I went right back and left others to do clean up.

I told her I could help. I reached my hands out and asked for her hand. She said it is burnt and hurt and that would make it worse. I told her to trust me. In the back of my head I remembered that all of the treatments I have ever done before I was always told that I generated a lot of warmth. But I also knew reiki provided what the receiver needs and that it has been used to treat burn victims as well.

As soon as I put her hands between both of mine she exclaimed, "There is no more pain." She looks at another girl next to us, that was trying to help her and repeated enthusiastically "There is no more pain." I admit that I was just as shocked as she was that I got an immediate reaction from her. I was pleased too as I know burns do hurt like crazy.

She asked me how I did that. I told her about reiki while I let the energy work on her hand. I was only able to stay with her for about 5 minutes. I wish I had more time to stay with her more but the manger wanted me to go back to the line. But after I released her hand she said it was MUCH better. She said that after a while it started to hurt again, but she said it wasn't very bad at all.

She was still amazed that the pain intensity she initially had did not return when I was done. Frankly I was too considering how short of a time I was able to work on her. I knew reiki would help her but again, was surprised myself just how much with such a short period of treatment. I can only speculate that due to the urgency of the situation that I just instinctively provided much more healing energy than I would during a regular treatment.

Though the 5 minutes didn't provide a full treatment it was enough relief that she did not go for any traditional western treatments at an emergency room. Not only did she not miss any future shifts but also came back and finished her shift for the day.

No Energy from Caffeine?

Posted by Holistic Organic Wellbeing Pain and Health Wellness Center on August 29, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Caffeine is a good stimulant. It helps us to feel awake, alert, and ready to go. But some people do react differently to caffeine. Some hardly notice it at all. Others can be hyper all day from just the tiniest amounts. So why do so many people drink so much caffeine and often hardly get much from it?

Folks who consume quite a bit of caffeine each day may not notice a boost as much as their body has become accustomed to it. Oh they may know that if they don’t have any that they feel tired and run down. But that is different. We should not have to rely on caffeine just to keep us going. It should be a boost beyond just getting through the day.

One thing that can cause you to not feel energized from caffeine is hydration levels. Caffeine actually dehydrates us. When we are dehydrated we feel tired. Many people are actually chronically dehydrated. With many caffeine users, their solution to feeling tired is more caffeine. That is the wrong answer. Try drinking 2 glasses of water first and wait 15 minutes. If you notice a difference, then you were simply dehydrated and did not need caffeine. Water is a natural energizer. It can increase energy levels and metabolism by 3% each day. It can also make you feel more awake and alert. This is in part due to the fact that a higher percentage of our brain is water than the rest of our bodies are.

Being dehydrated is why we experience sugar crashes too, especially with something like energy drinks. We get the initial boost from the sugar but if we are dehydrated then when the energy from the sugar runs out we crash. Especially when sugar is combined with caffeine. Since caffeine dehydrates it worsens our hydration level. So when the sugar wears off even the caffeine can not keep us going for several hours like it should.

So how much water do we need so we don’t overdo the caffeine? Well, as a base we need half of our body weight in ounces of water each day. That old saying of 8 glasses (8 ounces each) of water each day is actually inaccurate. However, if half of your body weight is less than 64 then that is when you will actually default to the 8 glasses. Now on top of this base we need to add 8 ounces for every 20 minutes of exercise or heavy activity that we do. To offset the dehydrating effects of caffeine we need 1 more ounce for every 5mg of caffeine. For those that drink alcohol more water is needed as it dehydrates us too. Then if it is hot we need extra water too.

Another critical thing we need to focus on is sleep. Oh, healthy people can go a few days without much sleep and still function pretty well. Staying hydrated and caffeine use can help when we don’t get much sleep. If we go more than a few days without enough sleep, anything we do to boost our energy will have minimal effect. There simply is no replacement for sleep at all. We should be getting 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night.

Lastly caffeine also depletes our bodies or potassium, thiamine (B1), biotin (B7), and inositol. All of these are used for energy or sugar transfer to our cells. It is ironic that a stimulant would deplete us of other nutrients we need for energy. This is one reason why I think energy drinks have an edge over coffee. Energy drink makers put extra stimulants in their products, which include potassium and B vitamins. Plus coffee has more caffeine than energy drinks do.

Baltimore Ravens Use Quadrapole Magnets for Pain

Posted by Holistic Organic Wellbeing Pain and Health Wellness Center on August 26, 2017 at 11:05 PM

While researching Magnetic Pain Therapy device history I came across Qmagnets. Their products are based on the worldwide intellectual property rights and trademarks that are assets to Gradient Medical Inc., the parent company of Quadrabloc Magnets. That’s a problem.

Qmagnts sold products to Baltimore Ravens ( players like Tim Patrick, Nico Siragusa (, Danny Woodhead (, and Tony Jefferson (, as well as sports therapist Walker Scott have all been named by Qmangets as using their products.

Check out the posting about the Ravens on Qmagnets website as well as the response to their post by Quadrabloc:

Quadrapole magnets were first created by Dr. Robert Holcomb while working at the Vanderbilt University Neurological Department. He treated one of the owners of Amway with his devices after he had open heart surgery. Amway struck up a deal to market the products under the name of Magnabloc.

However, Dr. Holcomb created a web of companies to try to keep revenues for himself. That created many legal issues as there were many others involved, especially in financing and so on. Once the legal troubles started to affect Amway they dropped the line. After several years of legal battles the rights went to Gradient Medical and Quadrabloc. They took another couple of years to do more researching and improving the quadrapole magnets. The new Quadrablocs are now 4 times stronger.

One of the places Dr. Holcomb went to was Australia and from that visit is how Qmagnets came about. But that is part of the legal problems and unfortunately is still around to this day. Their products are in violation of the legal outcomes here in the US about who owns the property and who can produce products from it.

So since Qmagnets is infringing on the rights of Quadrabloc and Gradint I feel that the best course of action for the Ravens, their sports therapist, and their players is to support the legal owner of that technology.

So, since I am an authorized reseller of their products I offer up my store for this purpose. Check it out at https:/


To make it more interesting I will donate 10% of the sales from the Ravens to

Do You Need Light to Make Salt Lamps Work?

Posted by Holistic Organic Wellbeing Pain and Health Wellness Center on December 31, 2016 at 10:40 PM

Do You Need Light to Make Salt Lamps Work?


How many of you got salt lamps for the holidays? I did. I was hoping to get a couple. I was also hoping to give a few out myself. However, by the time I got to do my shopping they were all sold out. Everywhere. Funny as I had seen them earlier in the month. Everywhere.


I guess I have myself to blame, actually. After all I did recently share a great article about the benefits of these great things. I must have REALLY inspired all of you to go get them. …. OK, maybe Dr. Oz, had a BIT more influence over the sellout then lesser known me. But one can dream their business is that good, right?


Anyway, back to the issue at hand. How many of you that go one of these want to use them in your bedrooms at night? I know that is one of the spots I want to use one of mine. The problem is that I don’t need or want a light on in my room all night either. After all, these things only work when the light is on. So there is now a little dilemma. Or is it?


Let’s review how they work real quick first. Salt naturally attracts water molecules from the air. It’s what it does. No, this isn’t Geico commercial. These lamps release negative ions, which in turn attract positive ions which is the pollution in our air. Unfortunately, the salt lamps do not, however, release these negative ions without being turned on. So that’s it. I’m stuck with a light on all night, right? No.


Actually the light generated from the light bulb is not the contributing factor. Oh yes the light does make the lamp look great and can set a nice little mood. So if the light does not make the lamp work then what about the bulb does? What else do light bulbs generate besides light when switched on? Heat. Yes, that’s right. It is the heat that is the contributing factor here.


So now that can open up options if you don’t want to have the light on. All you need to do is keep that salt warm. Well the first thing that may come to mind for those of you with radiated heat on your homes is that you can simply place your salt lamp on the radiator in your room. And you’d be correct. At least when the heat is on. During the summer, maybe not so much. But there are other ways to keep the salt warm too, so let’s look further.


Putting the lamp in a window where the sun can hit it and keep the salt warm will make the salt do it’s job of releasing negative ions. However, at night and on overcast days this will not be effective in the slightest. OK, what about sitting it on the stove if you have a pilot light? That works too, but not everybody has gas stoves and those that do don’t often have pilot lights any more. Plus the rest of the house won’t have pilot lights. So let’s look at another option.


How many have ever seen those little coffee cup or even candle warmers? I’m sure most of us have seen one if not both of these. Actually, I think they the exact same thing, only marketed separately to make money for the companies involved. But the point is they generate heat to whatever is placed on them. So these will probably be the best option for everybody who may not want the light bulb turned on.


OK, so it is still using electricity for the warmer rather than having the light on. But this isn’t about saving electricity. It is about sleeping without an unneeded light being on. Yes, it is also an extra cost but I will be picking one up the next time I’m out and about.


So, Happy New Years and may it be a much healthier one for you. Keep those lamps working, exercise, eat well, supplement, and use alternative healing.


Rob Apel


Winter Blues and Sleeping Problems?

Posted by Holistic Organic Wellbeing Pain and Health Wellness Center on February 17, 2013 at 11:15 PM

The Pineal gland in the brain regulates melatonin which allows us to sleep. Melatonin release is inhibited by light on the retina, especially blue light. Reduced light in the winter releases more melatonin making us more tired than we are in the rest of the year. We feel less motivated, more lethargic and tired, and even depressed too. This can also happen during the rest of the year if you tend to spend a lot of time indoors and away from natural light. Especially since indoor light doesn't have enough of the blue spectrum to help us feel awake, alert, and happy.

Reiki treatments will help energize the 3rd eye energy chakra, in the middle of the forehead, which is tied to the Pineal gland. Though we might feel tired and depressed, we can feel agitated and stressed over these winter blues and not being as active as we would like. Energy from a reiki treatment will actually calm us down and help to to sleep better but will also improve our mood and bring us out of our funk.


Contact me to receive reiki treatments. I primarily do out-call service to the South Hills area here in Pittsburgh. I can travel further than but charge for additional millage. I also have a place in South Park I can use if you are not able to accommodate a treatment at your place.


If you are able you can get a blue light and use that as well. It does not have to be on all day long. Just a few minutes at a time will work. Some businesses have started to add blue lights to their lighting set ups to allow their employees to be more productive and happier at work.