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Quick Reiki Treatment Offers Relief for a Burned Hand

Posted by HOW Pain and Health Wellness Center on August 8, 2018 at 12:20 AM

A couple of years after becoming a reiki practitioner I was not pushing for my own wellness center yet and still had a job. I was working at Panera at the time of this incident.

A co-worker accidentally burned her hand on the Panini press. She ran off to the back and used the burn treatment supplies in the first aid kit. But it offered very little relief and she was in the back crying trying to relive the pain any way she could think of, including using an ice pack.

We were busy at the time so I was unable to go back right away to offer help for about 10 minutes. As soon as there was break I went right back and left others to do clean up.

I told her I could help. I reached my hands out and asked for her hand. She said it is burnt and hurt and that would make it worse. I told her to trust me. In the back of my head I remembered that all of the treatments I have ever done before I was always told that I generated a lot of warmth. But I also knew reiki provided what the receiver needs and that it has been used to treat burn victims as well.

As soon as I put her hands between both of mine she exclaimed, "There is no more pain." She looks at another girl next to us, that was trying to help her and repeated enthusiastically "There is no more pain." I admit that I was just as shocked as she was that I got an immediate reaction from her. I was pleased too as I know burns do hurt like crazy.

She asked me how I did that. I told her about reiki while I let the energy work on her hand. I was only able to stay with her for about 5 minutes. I wish I had more time to stay with her more but the manger wanted me to go back to the line. But after I released her hand she said it was MUCH better. She said that after a while it started to hurt again, but she said it wasn't very bad at all.

She was still amazed that the pain intensity she initially had did not return when I was done. Frankly I was too considering how short of a time I was able to work on her. I knew reiki would help her but again, was surprised myself just how much with such a short period of treatment. I can only speculate that due to the urgency of the situation that I just instinctively provided much more healing energy than I would during a regular treatment.

Though the 5 minutes didn't provide a full treatment it was enough relief that she did not go for any traditional western treatments at an emergency room. Not only did she not miss any future shifts but also came back and finished her shift for the day.

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