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Baltimore Ravens Use Quadrapole Magnets for Pain

Posted by HOW Pain and Health Wellness Center on August 26, 2017 at 11:05 PM

While researching Magnetic Pain Therapy device history I came across Qmagnets. Their products are based on the worldwide intellectual property rights and trademarks that are assets to Gradient Medical Inc., the parent company of Quadrabloc Magnets. That’s a problem.

Qmagnts sold products to Baltimore Ravens ( players like Tim Patrick, Nico Siragusa (, Danny Woodhead (, and Tony Jefferson (, as well as sports therapist Walker Scott have all been named by Qmangets as using their products.

Check out the posting about the Ravens on Qmagnets website as well as the response to their post by Quadrabloc:

Quadrapole magnets were first created by Dr. Robert Holcomb while working at the Vanderbilt University Neurological Department. He treated one of the owners of Amway with his devices after he had open heart surgery. Amway struck up a deal to market the products under the name of Magnabloc.

However, Dr. Holcomb created a web of companies to try to keep revenues for himself. That created many legal issues as there were many others involved, especially in financing and so on. Once the legal troubles started to affect Amway they dropped the line. After several years of legal battles the rights went to Gradient Medical and Quadrabloc. They took another couple of years to do more researching and improving the quadrapole magnets. The new Quadrablocs are now 4 times stronger.

One of the places Dr. Holcomb went to was Australia and from that visit is how Qmagnets came about. But that is part of the legal problems and unfortunately is still around to this day. Their products are in violation of the legal outcomes here in the US about who owns the property and who can produce products from it.

So since Qmagnets is infringing on the rights of Quadrabloc and Gradint I feel that the best course of action for the Ravens, their sports therapist, and their players is to support the legal owner of that technology.

So, since I am an authorized reseller of their products I offer up my store for this purpose. Check it out at https:/


To make it more interesting I will donate 10% of the sales from the Ravens to

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