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  1. What is Reiki?

    Reiki, pronounced ray key, is a form of energy healing that can treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. Practitioners use their hands to direct energy during treatments in much the same way as an accupuncture uses needles or an accupressure practitioner uses pressure and pokes.

  2. Do I need to get undressed for a treatment?

    No, not at all. Since reiki treats using energy there is no need to manimulate muscles as with massage or to stick in needs like with accupuncture. However, all metal should be removed as it may block or alter energy. It is also suggested to wear light, natural fibers during treatmens as aritificial fibers and heavy clothing can also hinder energy flow.

  3. Is touching necessary for treatment?

    Not at all. Typical treatments are normally hands on. With it you get the benefit of how therapeutic simple tough can be. However since our bodies energy fields extend beyond our physical bodies a therapist can hold their hands just over the reicipient if they are overy sensitive to touch or just uncomfortable with it.

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Magnetic Pain Therapy

  1. What is Magnetic Pain Therapy

    Magnetic Pain Therapy uses magnets specifically designed to treaat pain and work in two ways. The magnets block certain neural recptors which tells the brain that you are experiencing pain. Each magnetic unit also creates warmth and increases bloodflow. Increasy body temp and bloodflow have been used to treat pain too.

  2. How do the magnets stay in place?

    2 ways.
    1.I have a couple of pads whith multiple magnets units inside of them that can be laid on a client. This is great for large areas where they won't just slide off.

    2. For smaller areas or for areas that the pads cannot just like there are individual magnet units. Each unit uses double sided tape to hold them on the body. Don't worry it doesn't hurt when removed. :) 

  3. Will I need to shave or get undressed for a treatment?

    No. Body hair should not typically hinder the magnet from staying in place. While getting undressed is not necessary the magnets will still need to be applied to the skin at the sight of pain. Just enough movement of clothing just for the application and removal of each unit is all that will be needed.

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Nutritional Assessments

  1. How Does a Nutritional Assessment Work?

    A series of on line questiosn have been developed by scientists and doctors. It asks you about yrouself, your background, your habits, and more to make nutritional supplement recomendations based on your needs.

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